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I was born on 5 June, 1973 in Ünye the Turkish province of Ordu. I follwed primary school in my birth place,secondry school (similar to VWO) in Samsun located on Black Sea side. In 1988 at 14 years age I am invited by my parents from Ünye to Zutphen in Netherland.

I am living now for 20 years in Zutphen. I started in Zutphen immidiatly with my secondary school to learn Dutch language. I have homemade the Dutch language in a short time by additional training and courses. Then I folleved the (PABO) Teacher for Elementary Education Academy at the Saxion Hogeschool Ijsselland in Deventer. After this I have studied IT business training at the same college. Since year 2000 I am employed as IT Professional for several companies in the automation sector.  At this moment I am working for an IT Company as an IT Professional. I also have been active on varios social area in Netherland.
In 1994 we published a newspaper  with some other friends a monthly Zutphense Stem( Voice of Zutphen). Juist before the municipal election, we wanted members of the political parties interview. During this interview came to sympathy for D66. Democratic attitude, education, freedom and openness to the multicultural society spoke to me.
So I came into contact with politics. Because I was not finished my study I wanted at that moment not join and be active for D66. I was sure to plan at a later stage to be a active member. In 2001 came the this time and I decided to be a member of D66. I asked me a candidate for the municipal election of March 2002. D66 had at that time 1 seat in the town of Zutphen. I was on the second place at the election list and was elected with preferential votes. After two years in connection with the local municipal reorganization there was early election in Zutphen. For the second time I was candidate on 4 place on the list. I was chosen second time with preferential votes. I am in local politic busy with social affairs, education, youth, sport and the environment.
After two periods as a local governor, I have taken the step to me to be the candidate for European Parliament elections of June 4, 2009. My application was accepted by the Electoral Commission and my place was number 16 on the list of 30 candidates offered. In the European parliament, I would like working for a strong, democratic Europe, freedom, human rights, anti-discrimination policy, minorities, international relations and the accession of Turkey to the EU.
My hobbies are hiking, travelling, reading and volleyball. I am married and have two daughters (twins). My mother tongue is Turkish and I speak Dutch and English.

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Voor de Europese verkiezingen, Ali Osman Biçen